A Personal Brand Site That Captures Your Essence

We’re confident you’ll absolutely love what we’ll deliver because we’re the same team
that built the Personal Brand Sites of some the top influencers online.


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A Personal Brand Site That Captures Your Essence
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Top Influencers Trust Us With Their Personal Brands

We’re confident you’ll absolutely love what we’ll deliver because we’re the same team that built the Personal Brand Sites of top online influencers like Michael Pilarczyk, Mae Belteyn, Marlien Kaptein, Simon Haas, Michael Geary, Simone Levie, Kitchen of Love, WildWomanSisterhood, JaishreeYoga, Back to Bhakti, Taste of Happiness and many others.

What you and I can create

To bring out the essence of who you are can be an overwhelming task. Where do you start and how do you bring it together in a design system that communicates your uniqueness with style, and connects with the right customers?


What you value the most in life and business will define who you are. Branding is about bringing it out and crafting a message that tells your unique story.


Patterns, textures, images and typography form a visual language that speaks to the emotions of your audience and inspires transformation.


Finding and connecting with the right audience will make all the difference in how you position your business in the hearts and minds of your ideal clients.

See the work we’ve done

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best in the biz; coaches and top influencers in the field of personal development, e-course content creation, including attractive Pdf workbooks and live events.

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Spread your message
with shareable social content

When you strongly feel that you have something to share with the world, you want to make sure to get noticed and that people will share you content with likeable and shareable content. Are you ready to be outstanding?

Branding & Design
with a Spiritual Splash

You are clear on who you are, what outstanding value you bring, what your mission and message is. You know who you want to serve (your ideal customers) and are ready to get the show on the road.


You’ve been “wanting-to-get-this-done” forever!

Storytelling. Pure and simple, this is what Branding is all about. We infuse your unique story into words, images and experiences so that your audience can relate with you, your message, your history and your ideals.

As Brand Alchemists, we work with you intimately to develop the perfect mix of elements – elements of your story – that best engage your customers, your tribe, your audience… causing them to pursue your call to action. Thereby turning your story into gold.

Our Unique
In-house Branding &
Design Workflow

Right from the start we’ll be diving deep into your personal story to uncover the essence of who you truly are and the gifts that you want to share with the world. Unlike any process you have ever seen before, we combine the ancient Science of Light, called jyotish, better known as Vedic astrology originating from India, and the more commonly known Archetype system used in modern advertising. Add our uniquely flavoured design style to it and you have yourself a truly outstanding brand that will resonate with your target audience in just the right way, turning customers into fans and fans into ambassadors.

Project Research

Discover your archetype and activate your ideal customers.


Create a visual language to truly connect on an emotional level.

Concept + Design

Bringing it all together in a uniquely developed design system.


Nothing more rewarding than seeing it all come to life on- and offline.

Ready to
get started?

Please fill out the form on the right and tell me a little bit about your project. Do you need a complete website, an e-course with interactive workbook Pdf’s, or have me develop your brand? Either way, I’d love to hear from you and discuss your unique project and how to design your dream into existence.

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